Professional independence, diligence and integrity.

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About ROA

Anyone using third-party advice or interim management needs to be able to count on high-quality service. You can get this guarantee from the consultants that are affiliated to the Raad van Organisatie Adviesbureaus [Council of Management Consultancy Firms] (ROA). Consultants affiliated with the ROA give you peace of mind and are an assurance of the standard of management consulting that guarantees the independence, care and attention, and integrity associated with the profession. Our members are bound by a strict code of conduct, in which they put the standards of the services they provide to their clients first.

The ROA has been representing the most prominent management consultancies in the sector in the Netherlands since 1970. The common factor that unites these consultancies is the standard of the advice they give. Clients that are looking for a strategy-development and process-implementation partner want reliable, high-quality support. Certainty on the value that the advice offers coupled with care and attention throughout the consulting process. But, at the same time, specialist consultants with innovative ideas. Experts with an independent outlook and a natural mindset for delivering this level of quality.

The affiliated consultancies employ more than 2,500 consultants. There are strict requirements in relation to membership. We take a critical look at the size of consultancies and aspects such as business continuity, quality assurance (ISO-9001 is essential) and the level of expertise of the consultants.

All ROA members use the same general terms and conditions. With these terms and conditions, plus the code of conduct and the disciplinary rules you can be confident that a consultancy will give you a first-rate, professional service. Our general terms and conditions are filed with the Midden-Nederland Chamber of Commerce, reference number 40531334.